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Xmas Rooftop Battles

Xmas Rooftop BattlesXmas Rooftop Battles. Rooftop battles are an annual Christmas tradition that are usually held on the rooftops of houses near
the main square in the city. It is a time when people come together to compete with their prowess in terms of skill and creativity in an unofficial competition.

For this year’s Christmas Rooftop Battle, our team decided to make a game out of it using Python, PyGame, and pyglet. The game ended up being
a digital version of the traditional rooftop battle. For more information on how to make your own game out of this event, visit: https://bitbucket.org/jsutton/xmas-rooftop-battle-pygame
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Xmas Rooftop Battles is a fighting game, where you will be able to battle your friends and family on the rooftop.
Our goal is to create a platform that will allow people who love games and those who would like to try it for the first time to come together and experience this new type of game. We want everyone to have fun and we want this game to be accessible for all of us.
The very core of this project is about bringing people together through the power of games.

Xmas Rooftop Battles

It’s that time again! It’s Xmas time! So It’s the time of year when we get to revel in all the fun and festivities. So what better way to celebrate the festive season than to host a rooftop battle on Christmas day!?
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In the early days of the Christmas season, the rooftop of a building was a place where people gathered to have fun and enjoy an open view on Christmas. Nowadays, it is a place where people battle against each other in a competitive event.

New Game

The tradition is still going on despite its urban legend status. Generally, there are three types of battles:
– A friendly battle with no words

– A friendly battle with words but no money at stake
– A competitive battle for monetary stakes

So In the forthcoming Christmas Season, the battle for the best spot on the rooftop is always a heated one. So In this year’s edition, we have a new challenger in the form of a giant gingerbread man.
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Reindeer Games is a Christmas-themed board game in which players take turns playing cards onto the roofs of various houses, trying to land on roofs occupied by other players.
In Xmas Rooftop Battles, players are assigned their own respective Christmas characters and must battle with each other for a position on the rooftop.